Our products provide the opportunity for children to connect with who they are, building their identity, self-esteem and confidence. We provide inspire children of various ethnic and cultural  backgrounds. Using these products in your home will create inspirational atmosphere that allows children to see postive images of themselves and to dream and envision their future.

We are a wallcovering and ethnic decor company that maintains a friendly, fair, creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work. We are a leader in offering cultural options for decorating your home with images that inspire and uplift you. We started off on this new adventure with our first children’s line of African American borders.  In Fall of 2005,  we launched an Adinkra line featuring African Adinkra Symbols.  In summer of 2006, we expanded our product line to now include matching ethnic bedding (throw pillows, valances, pillow cases and bed skirts) for all our designs.    In Spring of 2007, we launched Hispanic designs and additional designs for African American Children.  In the Fall of 2007, we created our wonderful International playground and in the Summer 2008, we revealed the African American Fairy Wonderland and Princess Extravaganza Designs.

Our organization prides itself on the unique concept of creating culturally inspired environments. We have worked hard to make these cultural products a reality and we are proud to now say that they are here and ready to go. We will  continue to work on having other designs available for people of other cultural backgrounds as well as products which express cultural diversity.

Also, feel free to inquire about custom wallpaper options. We can use images of your star to create personalized wallpaper and bedding. For additional information on our company or products that are on the horizon, feel free to contact us at: