Babymoov Diaper Bag Review

After becoming pregnant, I was on the market for easier ways to manage my day to day activities, as any new parent would be. I was recommended a backpack type diaper bag because it would make life so much easier. I knew I would need a large backpack to fit everything, as I tend to over plan for stuff. And not having straps sliding off would be a big plus. After researching a bit, then seen the Babymoov diaper bag.

Looking it over, it appeared to have all the features that I was looking for, so I finally decided to give it a try, and I am glad that I did! Not only is Babymoov a quality brand that provides great products, they provide stylish diaper bag options! It was the Glober model that really got my attention, and it offers tons of space. The backpack measures 39cm x 35cm x 26cm and provides many pockets to organize stuff in.

Even better, it closes quickly with draw strings so you can quickly be on your way, or grab what you need in a hurry. When first opening the BabymoovGlober diaper bag, I was surprised at the space available, it could probably fit a watermelon in it! Of course, size is not the only factor to look for.

This diaper bag is made using materials that are very soft to the touch and comfortable. It has never irritated me like some materials. It has also been very durable, which is important because as a parent you want things to last as long as possible. For those with habits of being organized like myself, it comes with smaller bags that you can easily use to keep things neat.

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If you are looking for color options and style, you have three colors, Smokey, Cherry and Black. I like the fact the color options are neutral, meaning daddy can wear it too. This model is able to be worn two different ways, as a cross body bag or shoulder bag as it includes a strap. It even has easy access to your MP3 player for listening to music.

It comes with a changing pad, transparent bag, pacifier bag, insulated bag, and stroller harness. These are all things a new parent like myself will find useful over time. This brings wraps up my thoughts on the Babymoov diaper bag, so let’s get on with the pros and cons shall we?


  • Provides plenty of space
  • Offers colors that are good for mommy or daddy
  • Comes with several ways to stay organized
  • Additional accessories come in handy.


  • I was unable to find anything bad about this product, it did as I needed it too.


Overall, I am glad that I was recommended to go with a backpack style diaper bag and that I came across the BabymoovGlober. It has been very helpful, quite comfortable, and I can use it for other things once my child outgrows it!