Casper Mattress Review – A mattress in a box!

When looking for a new bed, one of the biggest hassles I have found is going to various stores, sitting on a number of beds, and testing them out. Usually, they are too soft, or to hard, some you can feel the springs in, others you may feel like you sink way too much, I have learned I absolutely hate that!

I began hearing about the Casper mattress, this new company that has such great reviews from customers and the best part to me was, no going in to test the bed at a store. Instead, it would be shipped to me with a 90-day money back guarantee. No more sitting on beds I had no idea who else already tested them out before me.

When the Casper mattress arrived, it was neatly packed in a small box that easily fit in the doorway, and was wheeled right to the bedroom. I’ve never had a mattress delivered that easily before, and installation was simple too. I was a little worried how the mattress would look and feel like after coming out of such a tiny box for a big item, but it actually came out looking great, and it was comfortable too!

With the three-layer design, it is a great bed for most people. It has a 7-inch layer that gives it cushion, with two more layers that are 1.5-inch think for comfort. The latex layer is very comfortable and conforms to your body for a great night of sleep.

Installation was just as simple as getting it, I simply opened the box, pulled the bag out and used the letter opener that was supplied to cut open the plastic bag and release the mattress. Once I got the plastic off, it began to unfold and within seconds it was springing to life. It unfolded, got larger, and the mattress was ready to be positioned just minutes from opening the box.


  • It’s easy to order and receive
  • Delivery took roughly a week
  • Easy to open, unpack and install in just minutes.
  • 90-day refund policy


  • If you’re the type of person that likes to test before buying, there is no in-store option.

Overall, I think my approach for mattress shopping has been changed forever. I will no longer go in and test beds and spend my time trying them out when I can have them shipped directly to me, test them out and either love them, or send them back. I am glad to say, the Casper has not been returned, and gives me a great night of sleep every day!


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