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We design and create inspirational environments for children such that each child is motivated and confident about who they are. Our products provide the opportunity for children to connect with who they are, building their identity, self-esteem and confidence. We uplift children of various ethnic and cultural  backgrounds. Using the products in your home will create an wonderful atmosphere that allows child your child to dream and envision their future. We have many orders for baby shower gifts.  If you’re looking for something else stylish for a baby shower you could try a diaper bag.  We’ve expanded into diaper bags but these guys could help you.  These guys help you select the best diaper bag.

Designer diaper bags

Designer diaper bags have become really popular lately. It’s the fact that people still want to be stylish and own some Prada or Gucci. Let’s face it, you have that diaper bag everywhere you go that’s why it’s important to be stylish. Just because you’re a mom (or maybe a dad) doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams of designer diaper bags.

These are some of our favorite diaper bags

Diaper bags aren’t just for women anymore and now they are becoming more and more of a thing for dads and moms. Style also comes into play, and there are basically thousands of styles and even patterns that you can choose from to match your outfit or even your personality. Below is a list of the most stylish that is out there for both moms and dads.

Nanny Diaper Bag by Jamah

This amazing, yet stylish bag comes in both plain or styled, this is what the stars use. Not only is it perfect for a diaper bag, but you could double it as a purse once your little one has grown. Although it is a bit on the pricey side, you can’t escape the pull of this amazing bag.

Messenger Diaper Bag by Vera Bradley

The super simple entry pocket makes it easy for storing anything that you might need on your busy day with your little one. You can fit more in it than what you would expect, but this is certainly not the type of bag that you would want your guy carrying around. Vera Bradley specializes in abstract and colorful prints.

Barcelona Bag by 7 A.M. Enfant

This unique minimalist bag certainly shows that there is more than meets the eye. Although it is small, it can carry quite a bit before it finally becomes your automatic go to bag. Not only does it come in bright colors, it also has neutral colors for dads.

Abacus Tote by Jonathan Adler

This unique diaper bag trimmed in faux leather, will make your bag days so much easier. It is easy to just wipe clean and move on as well as carry everything you need for your days out, or even trips. This is certainly a go to bag, if you happen to be on a budget.

Do-It-All Bag by Lands’ End

What makes this bag so special is that you can have it in plain colors, or in unique prints, as well as monogram the bag. You are able to carry as much as you need and still look just as stylish without any questions asked.

Know How To Pack the Diaper Bag.

Satchel Bag by JJ Cole

If you are a mom that is all about fashion, then you can’t go wrong with a diaper bag. This bag doubles as a purse and even more. You can certainly make your day that much easier with a bag that can carry all that you need and still be compact.

Diaper bags are easy to find, but the stylish ones are more expensive. These bags are able to fit in your budget and look just as stylish as the ones that you see stars use.

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Babymoov Diaper Bag Review

After becoming pregnant, I was on the market for easier ways to manage my day to day activities, as any new parent would be. I was recommended a backpack type diaper bag because it would make life so much easier. I knew I would need a large backpack to fit everything, as I tend to over plan for stuff. And not having straps sliding off would be a big plus. After researching a bit, then seen the Babymoov diaper bag.

Looking it over, it appeared to have all the features that I was looking for, so I finally decided to give it a try, and I am glad that I did! Not only is Babymoov a quality brand that provides great products, they provide stylish diaper bag options! It was the Glober model that really got my attention, and it offers tons of space. The backpack measures 39cm x 35cm x 26cm and provides many pockets to organize stuff in.

Even better, it closes quickly with draw strings so you can quickly be on your way, or grab what you need in a hurry. When first opening the BabymoovGlober diaper bag, I was surprised at the space available, it could probably fit a watermelon in it! Of course, size is not the only factor to look for.

This diaper bag is made using materials that are very soft to the touch and comfortable. It has never irritated me like some materials. It has also been very durable, which is important because as a parent you want things to last as long as possible. For those with habits of being organized like myself, it comes with smaller bags that you can easily use to keep things neat.

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If you are looking for color options and style, you have three colors, Smokey, Cherry and Black. I like the fact the color options are neutral, meaning daddy can wear it too. This model is able to be worn two different ways, as a cross body bag or shoulder bag as it includes a strap. It even has easy access to your MP3 player for listening to music.

It comes with a changing pad, transparent bag, pacifier bag, insulated bag, and stroller harness. These are all things a new parent like myself will find useful over time. This brings wraps up my thoughts on the Babymoov diaper bag, so let’s get on with the pros and cons shall we?


  • Provides plenty of space
  • Offers colors that are good for mommy or daddy
  • Comes with several ways to stay organized
  • Additional accessories come in handy.


  • I was unable to find anything bad about this product, it did as I needed it too.


Overall, I am glad that I was recommended to go with a backpack style diaper bag and that I came across the BabymoovGlober. It has been very helpful, quite comfortable, and I can use it for other things once my child outgrows it!

How To Pack the Diaper Bag

When you are a new parent, fresh into the lifestyle of taking care of a little human being, one thing that you will quickly learn to always have around is the important diaper bag. Let’s face it, babies are cute, but they can make some extreme messes (in more than one way), and you must be ready for them. That is where a diaper bag comes in, and this list will provide tips on how to pack the diaper bag.

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Diapers, Wipes, Creams and Bottles

  • The first thing to consider is diapers, a rule of thumb is to pack one diaper for each two hours you will be gone. If you plan to be out 6 hours, pack 3 diapers, but a few more never hurts.
  • Be ready with wipes, but packing travel size packs or keeping some in a Ziploc bag can safe space. Not only can they be used for changing, they are good for other messes and your hands too.

Using travel size creams will save space, and keep you ready.

  • If you are not breastfeeding your baby, you will need to remember bottles and the formula (or pumped milk). You should have one bottle ready with formula, and one with water to easily mix when ready. This saves time when time to feed.

Changing Pad, Burp Cloth & Blanket

  • Changing pads help keep baby comfortable, don’t forget to pack one. If your bag came with a pad, you may need a larger one, keep that in mind.
  • When feeding, a burp cloth can help reduce messes and make cleanup easier. It’s better to pack several, you don’t want to run out!
  • It does not matter if it’s the middle of winter or summer, you should always make sure you have an extra blanket on hand.

Changes of Cloths and Hat

  • It is always a good idea to have at least one change of clothes, but if you have room for two, that works too. Never can be too sure!
  • As babies are more vulnerable to the elements, a hat works in summer and winter to shade from the sun and harsh winds.

Extra Money, Keys, Important stuff

  • Being a parent, it is common to lack sleep and this can lead to forgetting things you normally wouldn’t. It is always a good idea to pack extra money and important things in the diaper bag, even your keys so you know where they are when needed.

This was a list of important things that you need to pack in a diaper bag to always be ready for the unexpected (or expected, with bad timing). If you make sure you pack the necessities, it makes life so much easier when you’re out!

Top Five Diaper Bag Styles

Okay, so as a new parent one thing I need is a diaper bag, I get this. But, there are so many to choose from and I wanted it to be stylish. With models ranging from backpack styles to messenger bag styles, some with few pockets and some with way too many. I never knew there was so much to consider when shopping for something that seemed so simple, a bag for carrying my baby’s necessities.

A couple things I looked for was insulated bottle holders, that way bottles would be ready when I needed them. I also looked for diaper bags with a zipper pocket for keeping important items, having a neoprene lining for accidental spills was a plus, and it needed to be stylish and practical. My search had begun!

Rather than finding one big bag to throw all of my baby items in, similar to Mary Poppins pulling out an endless supply of diapers, snacks, toys, creams, and other things my child would need or want to stay content, I wanted something that allowed me to be organized. When I came across the Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared diaper bag, I knew it was the one for me. But, on my journey I came across many stylish options that offer style and practical use:

Skip Hop Chelsea Diaper Satchel – $90

This option is not only stylish, but a decent price tag for the options available. It was one of my top choices, it is practical, offers organization, and many pockets. Would fit most dark wardrobes as it comes in a sleek black.

Marc Jacobs ‘Biker’ Nylon Diaper Bag – $295

This one is a bit more expensive, but for those who put style first it is a great option. It has great reviews with a classic bag style which can convert as your child becomes older and be used for toddler stuff, or as an everyday bag.

TWELVElittle Companion Backpack – $200

This one is a bit cheaper, but still offers style in a backpack style bag. With many zipper pockets to keep your valuables, inside and out, it is also padded for comfort and water resistant.

Kate Spade Striped Stevie Bag – $398

One of the higher priced bags in the list, this simple black and white striped bag has a red lining inside and works great for carrying your baby items. It also has a changing pad inside that matches, so you’re always ready and in style.

Ickadybag Diaper Bag – $47

Of course, a more affordable, yet stylish option had to be tossed into the list. This can be considered more of an all-purpose bag, but it still provides a water resistant way to carry your baby’s needed items in an organized method. It has three areas, straps padded with fleece, bottle pockets that are easy to access, and a stroller strap.


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