Cannon Ventilated Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review

So you find that you are not sleeping that great at night anymore, or your pillow is starting to wear out and you need a new one. You’re in the same boat that I was in a while back, and after doing research on all sorts of pillows, I came across the Cannon Ventilated Contour Memory Foam Pillow (formally the endless dream pillow)! Keep reading to find out why this budget pillow has become one of my favorite pillows, other than just saving me money.

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This is the first area I was looking at, because I was shopping on a budget. While I did my research I came across pillows that were just a few dollars (Wal-Mart), but did not really get my attention, and some over $100, which was well out of my budget. I grabbed the Cannon around $25, which was right in my budget. This was great.


The second thing I looked at was the material type, and when I see it was memory foam I was happy as I have had good experiences in the past with memory foam pillows. They tend to be long-lasting, comfortable, and provide me with a great night of sleep. It was on its way to my shopping cart at this point, but I had to do some research first.

What I found

Other than being in my budget and memory foam, which I like, I am the type to research things first and I found people claiming great pressure resistance, which tells me it will not quickly go flat. It also came with a pillowcase of its own. It also includes a limited 3-year warranty to make things even better… In my cart it went!

When I got to finally test it out, I was surprised to see just how comfortable this memory foam pillow was for the price. While not quite the same as the more expensive memory foam pillows I have tried in the past, it did amazingly well within my budget, I got a great night of sleep and when I woke up, by neck did not hurt!

What is the best pillow ever?


  • Affordable price tag for being memory foam
  • Great pressure resistance
  • Includes pillowcase


  • Only size available is standard, no other options.


If you are looking for a memory foam pillow on a budget, and standard is fine then the Cannon Ventilated Contour Memory Foam Pillow is a great option. It is comfortable, and provides a great night of sleep on a low budget. I am glad that I bought it, and worth every penny as I no longer have neck pain or shoulder pain when waking up. Of course, the 3-year warranty is a plus as well.