Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier

The Infantino mei tai sash is a merchandise that is acknowledged for its comfort and reliability.

When trying to carry your infant, things can get complicated, but with the Infantino Sash you will be on your way in no time. I found this out first hand after being referred to it by a friend who swears by it, and now so do I! The best part, when mom needs a break, dad can pick it up and not look weird, that’s enough to make me want it!

But seriously, the design of the Infantino Sash Mei Tai is great! It looks stylish, and it is designed to be reversible which means you get two color options to fit your wardrobe. The design keeps both you and the baby in mind, using materials that are going to be soft to the touch for your baby’s sensitive skin, and to handle the weigh. Of course, you need to be comfortable so you have the flexibility of getting things done, or it would be pointless, right? Well, I found it’s very easy to move around in and get things done!

When it comes to a baby carrier, my first question was the comfort for my child and myself, followed by the look and ease of use. I was skeptical on learning to use the Infantino though after reading mixed reviews. But, after giving in and buying it, I found the learning curve for myself was rather quick. I had the concept down after the first couple times, and within a couple more times of using it I was able to put it on, position my baby and be out the door within minutes.

Some facts about the Infantino Mei Tai

The recommended weight is between 8lbs and 26lbs, which meant I would be able to use it for a while. This yelled ‘investment’ not just ‘splurging’. However, it is not for newborns as it has support to aid in your infant sitting up, but not holding the head as newbornsneed.

The design supports your child’s hips, with a seat that is deep and wide. Legs are kept in a frog position, and offers three carrying positions. Thiskeeps your baby secure while you move around. It also improves their comfort. My final decision landed on the price being within a decent range.


  • Supports up to 26lbs
  • Decent price
  • Simple learning curve
  • Can be used by mommy or daddy, and reversible for two color options.


  • Some may find it harder to use than others
  • No support for newborns.


Overall, I am glad that I tried the Infantino Sash Mei Tai carrier because it saved me a ton of time getting out the door, moving around, getting things done and keeping a close eye on my child. It helped to reduce my stress about what my child is getting into or doing, and I could sing to her as I check of my to-do list!


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