What is the best pillow ever?

Are you not getting enough sleep? The problem may be your pillow. A bad pillow may have you tossing and turning all night and that just makes you really groggy the next day, but over time it can cause depression and even obesity. We managed to test as many pillows as possible to check for everything from stray feathers all the way down to those weird chemical smells while keeping in mind that a pillow needs to fill the gap between your head and neck and the mattress. Plus, it needs to assume that shape even when you change your sleeping position.

Posture Fit Back Sleeper Pillow by Sealy Posturepedic

This is a great pillow for under $40. It is like a giant marshmallow but in a good way. It is soft but firm and since it is hypoallergenic it only has polyester fibers that have a gusseted shape that allow for more support without it bunching up at the corners.


Classic Goose Feathers and Down Pillow by Eddie Bauer

This is a really good natural pillow for back sleepers. It really makes your head feel aligned with your spine. Many often exclaim that they no longer wake up with a crick in their neck. The pillow does come in firm and medium has an inner chamber filled with feathers and down that is then wrapped in down which provides you with plenty of support while you sleep.


Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow by Beyond Down

This is an amazing pillow for a side sleeper. It is hypoallergenic and gives you the feeling of down without all the hassles of dealing with your allergies. It helps to reduce headaches and neck pain in a firm supportive way, but it is still quite soft. The best part, is that it is under $20. It has a 300 thread count cover that is super smooth and the pillow cradles you perfectly while you sleep.


Down Damask Pillow in Firm by L.L. Bean

This is a really great pillow that is made from 100% goose down. It really cradles your neck and head without feeling flat. It is quite thick and lofty and you really do not need to keep fluffing it at random times of the night. It is also cheaper than most goose down pillows coming in at under $140.

Deluxe Pillow by Primaloft

This is a unique stomach sleeper pillow. It has a very soft cotton cover and a really unique soft filling. It is really nice. This is a synthetic pillow that doesn’t make you feel that you have to sacrifice comfort. Many will find this pillow for under $50 but it does have different firmness’s that you can choose from. For this selection, we chose medium. The other types do range in price.

Extra Soft Duck Down Pillow by Downlite

Many people who are stomach sleepers are just looking for a pillow that is soft and squishy but still offers support. This is what you get with this pillow. You head will sink in perfectly and your neck feels cushioned. As a bonus, there isn’t any weird smell either.


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