How To Pack the Diaper Bag

When you are a new parent, fresh into the lifestyle of taking care of a little human being, one thing that you will quickly learn to always have around is the important diaper bag. Let’s face it, babies are cute, but they can make some extreme messes (in more than one way), and you must be ready for them. That is where a diaper bag comes in, and this list will provide tips on how to pack the diaper bag.

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Diapers, Wipes, Creams and Bottles

  • The first thing to consider is diapers, a rule of thumb is to pack one diaper for each two hours you will be gone. If you plan to be out 6 hours, pack 3 diapers, but a few more never hurts.
  • Be ready with wipes, but packing travel size packs or keeping some in a Ziploc bag can safe space. Not only can they be used for changing, they are good for other messes and your hands too.

Using travel size creams will save space, and keep you ready.

  • If you are not breastfeeding your baby, you will need to remember bottles and the formula (or pumped milk). You should have one bottle ready with formula, and one with water to easily mix when ready. This saves time when time to feed.

Changing Pad, Burp Cloth & Blanket

  • Changing pads help keep baby comfortable, don’t forget to pack one. If your bag came with a pad, you may need a larger one, keep that in mind.
  • When feeding, a burp cloth can help reduce messes and make cleanup easier. It’s better to pack several, you don’t want to run out!
  • It does not matter if it’s the middle of winter or summer, you should always make sure you have an extra blanket on hand.

Changes of Cloths and Hat

  • It is always a good idea to have at least one change of clothes, but if you have room for two, that works too. Never can be too sure!
  • As babies are more vulnerable to the elements, a hat works in summer and winter to shade from the sun and harsh winds.

Extra Money, Keys, Important stuff

  • Being a parent, it is common to lack sleep and this can lead to forgetting things you normally wouldn’t. It is always a good idea to pack extra money and important things in the diaper bag, even your keys so you know where they are when needed.

This was a list of important things that you need to pack in a diaper bag to always be ready for the unexpected (or expected, with bad timing). If you make sure you pack the necessities, it makes life so much easier when you’re out!